ICO Consulting

ICO Consulting

ICO Consulting

ICO is a crowdfunding technique that helps to attain the business goals. Here issuer sells tokens to the investors and collects the funds to make his business ideas into a successful business model. The processes of feeding a complete knowledge about the process of ICO, so that a ICO App Factory can kick start an ICO process in a successful manner.

ICO Consulting Services

PR & Marketing


To audit, plan strategy and for reporting your operations ICO financial analyst will support you. Following are the components you are going to get.


Financial planning and strategy

The team of ICO App Factory will help you to create your financial strategy to make your ICO successful. To manage your ICO funds and design your budget, we provide comprehensive financial services.


Book Building services

To determine the initial value of your token book building and book-running plays a vital role. We analyze the value of your ICO via our high net worth investors.

Technology Setup

Multi-Sig wallet management

ICO App Factory the ICO launch company helps you to design your perfect protocol that will offer security store to your ETH or BTC or other cryptos.

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Financial Reporting and Auditing

To focus on your core operations, you need a full-service team of accountants and financial analysts; well we are the ones who will provide you that team.

ICO Customer Services

Investor Outreach & Coordination

Our team of experts will audit investors that can prove to be an asset to you. We even investor outreach programs aiming to target the high net worth clients.