Hybrid Exchange Development

Hybrid Exchange Development

Hybrid Exchange Development

Blockchain is a decentralized system whose participants mainly use centralized exchanges (CEX = Centralized Exchange). These exchanges are the standard solution for the transfer of funds. Such exchanges have deficiencies related security since all activities are controlled by third parties. That is, it depends on the company’s employees who require the private keys to be placed inside the network. This attracts scammers and hackers who constantly attack CEX platforms.


Decentralized exchanges (DEX = Decentralized Exchange) were developed to negate the vulnerabilities of the classic crypto exchanges system. It is worth recalling that all DEX operations are related to the software of the system and there is no control over the operations performed. This does not allow decentralized exchanges to offer latency or liquidity tools that could motivate large institutional investors to enter the market and provide them with guarantees.


To solve the problems of centralized and decentralized exchanges, hybrid crypto exchanges (HEX = Hybrid Exchange) are being developed, which will be based on the functionality and liquidity of CEX platforms, as well as the confidentiality and security of DEX platforms. So far, there are no specific working examples on the market. Many projects are at the final stage of development and implementation in the system. Let us consider some of them.

Key Features Of Hybrid Exchange Development

  • Hybrid Model
  • Liquidity Management
  • Escrow Management
  • Banking Grade Security
  • Atomic Swap Exchange Development
  • High Performance

Benefits of Hybrid Exchange Platform

  •   Access to real-time operation
  •   Complete integration of present traditional solutions used in the blockchain infrastructure
  •   Interfaces and tools used by financial experts such as reliability, modularity, and scalability
  •   Rapid operation even with the rate of transaction processing being inferior to that of other payment systems e.g. Visa.