ETO Development

ETO Development

ETO Development

Equity tokens square measure a secure kind of investment within the emergent trend like blockchain technology. An equity token represents a share within the underlying company. Like any stock purchase, holders virtually own their given % of the overall enterprise. They’re entitled to some of the company‚Äôs profits and a right to vote on its future.

Features of ETO Development


Programmable Equity

The digitization of asset allows you to take control of illiquid asset into an equity issuance through a programmable code.



Secure Wallet

The wallet is made as a multi-signature, multi-gadget wallet on a blockchain with egg-molded cryptography, which makes the capacity of assets safe.



Global Capital Investment

The equity tokens provide trust and reliability for institutional investors to join in the crypto-market, leading to a larger pool of capital investment.


Possess Blockchain

The value tokens can be created individually blockchain, so you can control by you as you wish. No more stresses of gas costs and changes in convention or directions.


Backend Dashboard

We build up an entire backend dashboard for you to oversee retail and institutional speculators, for example, profits, buybacks, declarations, etc.


No Intermediaries

There are no intermediaries between the company and investors, hence reducing the cost of commissions for the middleman.


Regulatory Compliance

We will build SEC compliant tokens and help you in assisting with regards to security laws in your jurisdiction.


More prominent market proficiency

Guarantee financial specialists with its recognizable structure and its subsidiary mechanical headway, prompting speculators expanding trust and their interest in the task.