Crypto Debit Card Integrations

Crypto Debit Card Integrations

Crypto Debit Card Integrations

Acquiring banks and payment service providers (PSP’s) are inherently unfriendly to doing business with crypto related merchants.

That’s where we come in. ICO App Factory offers a consulting and account opening service to help your business open accounts with acquiring banks and PSP’s who understand the crypto industry and welcome their business.

In Crypto – Debit card Integrations, when a purchase is made, the card converts your cryptocurrency into fiat currency and the vendor is paid in the currency of their choice. The converted amount is taken from your crypto wallet and the total amount is updated. This method is subject to varying conversion rates, as it will depend on the value of your currency at the time of purchase.


Crypto debit cards are also useful for when travelling, as it means that you can easily withdraw the local currency without being subject to high fees. You are simply bound to the local conversion rate, rather than being charged an additional fee by your bank.

Merchant Account Opening

Finding an acquiring bank which is happy to open a Merchant Account for your crypto business can be challenging. ICO App Factory can help to solve this problem by partnering with Europe’s leading crypto-friendly acquiring banks and payment service providers (PSP).

Payment Gateway

Our partners’ payment gateways will allow you to process debits, credits, refunds, recurring & subscription billing, original credit transactions (OCT). Other features include transaction routing and tokenization. All this via an easy to integrate with PCI/DSS compliant API.