Best ICO Development services and strategies

ICO, also known as Initial Coin Offering, is the funding done at the time of commencing business. ICO Development process is a relatively new phenomenon and has gained immense popularity over the years and is perhaps the best way to raise funds for a Blockchain or Cryptocurrency project. It is generally carried out in two phases. The first phase is a Pre-sale that runs for a longer duration and where the investors also get various discounts and bonuses on purchasing the crypto coins. The main objective of ICO is to reach the soft cap of the project as defined in the white paper while the main objective of public sale is to reach the hard cap. The soft cap is the minimum fund requirement for the project while the hard cap is the maximum attainable limit.


Whenever an ICO sale starts, new company trade cryptocurrencies with the investors who are interested in exchanging fiat currency and other cryptocurrencies. These cryptocurrencies are available in the form of tokens such as utility tokens and payment tokens.


An ICO, or “initial Coin Offering” allows investors & business peoples to support new action using cryptocurrency and principles of crowdfunding. At the time an ICO’s crowd-sale, members purchase cryptocurrency tokens or ICO coins as a form of investment in the companies or startups. Just like an IPO, an ICO represents the first stage of a project going to the public.



Best ico business soultions:

• Maximum high end security
• Trading and Liquidity
• Simplified Funding Process

Maximum high end security:

We understand the priority of security. Our ICO software’s multi-layered security platform provides our exchange users the strongest protection at every time. That same technology is applied to our ICO crowd-funding framework.


Trading and liquidity:

Most of the ICO crowd sales are only open for 5-8 weeks, but our services don’t stop here at anywhere and anytime. Many ICO members want a customized exchange so their tokens can be tradable after the official launch. So we can build an exchange tailored to your project’s requirements.


Simplified funding process:

Most ICO’s need members to download an entire blockchain and set up an e-wallet. This can block users who are less technically smart, seriously narrowing the market for support. Our ICO platform aid multi-currency funding from a wide range of networks, whether it’s an exchange/trading account


ICO development services we offer:

• Cryptocurrency Development Services
• White Paper Drafting
• Custom ICO Landing Page Development & Design
• Community Building
• Token Launch Development
• Multi-sig Wallet Development
• KYC Verification
• Multi-currency investments
• ICO Marketing
• Exchange Listing
• Blockchain Integration
• ICO Customer Services & Support
• Lost Token Protection

Strategies of ICO:

An ICO isn’t a static entity or a fixed process that proves successful for every type of blockchain coin release. The blockchain project that hopes to raise funds via pre-sale token purchases progresses through a life cycle of stages.


Each stage provides an opportunity to add new value while revealing risks while giving investors insight into the performance of the initial coin offering. An intuitive ICO user experience (UX) depends on clearly educating potential investors on how ICOs work, what they gain (or risk) by investing in your project and by providing transparency into the health of the initial coin offering and project status.


The main components of an ICO are:

• Analysis
• Planning
• Launch

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